The Marie Grubbe stole and the IDA vest

are now available in English on

Ida is from my old collection. Marie Grubbe is quite new.

Marie Grubbe (1643-1718)

Marie Grubbe married Ulrik Frederik Gyldenløve, one of the most leading noble men, son of king Frederik the 3rd and ended as the wife of a poor ferryman in a house called Borrehuset on the corner of Grønsund and the Baltic Sea. She continued to love her poor and intemperance husband Søren. The steps are meant to remind you of the ladder of rank. She went down and most of us want to go up. 

Very soon this little book will be ready on Amazon and in Japanese bookstores.
It is on the Danish night shirts - especially those from my islands: Lolland and Falster. It is containing 125 patterns from our 200 year old night shirts.
I am excited! I hope your are too!


Shetland Wool Week

October 4-12 2014

Check the website: 

You can download the program which has a wide range of choices - many talks, trips, classes etc. etc.

I will be teaching for the first time in 2 years.  

My classes will be Domino-Knitting and Colors.

If you have not visited the Shetland Islands - this is your chance - I love those Islands. I am sure you will too - when you have been there.

See you!

Switzerland - Schweitz - La Suisse

I was invited by Zürcher Stalder own by Theo and Cornelia - two people who work very hard for the textile world. Their weaving and knitting company organized a Knitting Festival, where I gave a talk. They also organized a wonderful professional fashion show that made my designs look like a million. Thank you Cornelia and Theo!

Photos Above
1) I stayed with Hannah (a friend of mine). Here we buy vegetables at a farmers market in Basel.
2) From the fashion show.

Photo Above
Zürcher Stalder


Photos Above
1) The view from Hannahs house in Emmental: The Hohgant mountain. It has given the name to Hannahs knitting project - see Hohgant. 
2) After the festival - evening in Basel.



The TRIP-TRAP vest or jacket and the HARRISVILLE jacket are the newest instructions in my RAVELRY-Store.

to my new English site!

Some of my instructions are now available on Ravelry. The language is English only!!!!
Re remaining instructions will be ready little by little.

See what is ready in the Menu under: Designs. 

If you want a particular instruction that is not ready - please e-mail me.


Many of my designs are published in books. They will not be avilable on Ravelry, but you can purchase the actual book.

See Menu - Designs!


What are they doing among my knitting tools?

They are so usefull ... I use them for:

  1. bumps at the end of a circular needle - they are now domino-needles Voila!
  2. as stoppers at both ends of the needles when I transport my knitting.
  3. On a circular needles when I knit flat on a circular needle.

Even tiny anorak-stoppers are available. Go hunting!